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“Prepare to meet your Fuhrer in Hell, Nazischwein!”

The mix between law enforcement agency, intelligence service and military organisation that is IRON CROSS has a long, distinguished history, its predecessor organisations dating back to the time of Charlemagne. As the tale goes, Charlemagne’s Christian warriors from Francia were doing battle with the Saxons, when the latter unleashed the dark, pagan magicks of their ancient idol. Many Franks fell before the black magic of the Saxon hordes, but Charlemagne rode over to the idol, raised his sword and with a single blow of his blade shattered the black magics and protections of the idol, as well as the idol’s physical form.

It was this show of superiority, it is said, that made the Saxons convert to Christianity. But Charlemagne saw the threat dark magic could possess toward his armies, and therefore created the Order of the Cross of Iron, to destroy dark magic wherever it might be found throughout his vast empire. The Order migrated to Germany when the Kings of France saw it as a threat to their temporal power. They rode with Henry the Fowler to the east, with the crusaders to the Holy Land. They fought with the Teutonic Knights against the last pagans in Europe.

During the Reformation, they mutated into a purely secular organisation, independent of the Vatican. They remained diffuse however, as the political nature of Germany was extremely fragmented. They were aloof from politics, but in the 19th Century, when Germany was united, they were placed under the command of the German Emperor as the Seventh Division of the Imperial Chancellery, and their role became overtly political.

The Seventh Division, during World War Two, blindly went along with what Hitler demanded, so used to following orders from above. They did nothing to stop the various Nazi unnatural creations – the spider-tanks, the UFOs, the Avenging Aryan – from being created.

After the war, Germany was divided once more. The Seventh Division became a purely West German organisation – the Ministry of the Unknown. It was their task to guard against Soviet sorcery, to hunt monsters and aliens, and above all to purge the taint of Nazi dark magic from Germany.

In the 1980s EUFIXIT was formed to take care of the second problem; the first became redundant with reunification in 1990. The Ministry of the Unknown was shut down in 1990, and reformed a year later as IRON CROSS.

The mission statement of IRON CROSS is to ‘eliminate Nazism and its abnormal creations...from Germany’. In practice though, they let the anti-fascist groups and the regular police take care of the idiotic skinheads. It is the ‘abnormal creations’ and more organised, dangerous groups that they hunt and destroy. From the Otto Skorzeny clones to the superweapons, they seek to destroy them all.

There are several elements to the organisation of IRON CROSS. First there are the Kill-Teams, four in total, each having 15 men, the very, very best of Germany’s soldiers.

Kill Team Nachtsonne is made up entirely of metahumans, and deals specifically with the Avenging Aryan. That is to say, they are solely dedicated to hunting down and killing him. They have not been very successful in this lately, but they retain the hope that one day he will be gone from the world.

Kill Team Eisenadler deals with Nazi technology. To be more specific, they deal with destroying it. They are equipped to face anything – from Stinger missiles to take on flying saucers, to heat-ray cannons to obliterate heavier weaponry.

Kill Team Schattenlicht hunts down and kills Nazi occultists. Their guns and bullets are specially made by Hiram M. Richards to go through occult forcefields and magical defences like a warm knife through butter.

Kill Team Todwache specialises in taking out remnants of the ODESSA organisation that take up shop in Germany. They are specifically trained in counter-terrorist tactics.

There is also Administration, which is made out largely of bureaucrats; and then Liaison, which, well, liaisons with the police and Bundeswehr, as well as foreign groups, to assist in taking out Nazis that the kill teams cannot get at due to overwhelming power, jurisdictions and so forth.

Then there is the dreaded Interrogation wing, composed of specially-trained interrogators and dream-sharers to find out the truth about individuals that may or may not be Nazis, as well as helping take out secretive groups.

IRON CROSS’s largest battle, and the only time yet they had to call in the Bundeswehr, was against a reactivated WW2-era Spider-Tank that was unleashed upon the city of Munich by a crazed madman. Kill Team Eisenadler was desperately fighting against the machine, when the Bundeswehr arrived with tanks and artillery, blowing the thing to hell.

IRON CROSS’s headquarters are located in a nuclear-proof bunker near the city of Aachen, which is near the border with Belgium. They have as vehicles, four rapid-reaction transport planes, one for each kill-team, and a group of black trucks and helicopters, unmarked.

As enemies, IRON CROSS has virtually every Nazi or pseudo-Nazi supervillain.

As allies, they have several German superheroes and several intelligence agencies.
You have ruled this galaxy for ten thousand years.
You have little of account to show for your efforts.
Order. Unity. Obedience.
We taught the galaxy these things.

And we shall do so again.
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