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web.archive.org likes me today. I got stuff from TDW.

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The Dogmatic Wars. Never fluffed out really well, I got some three threads (all three!) I put in those forums. I'm asking if I can have those forums back - I'd love to throw more up on this forum for comments. (I've thought of much more between now and 07.)

Master List of Nations
Nations of Engel

The Queendom of Ifalia
The queendom is the recent development's of the civil war of Ifalia in 1005-4 to 1006-7. Mostly a quiet sedate affair that was centered around the magical attack on the unprotected wonderous monument-palace of the capital.The civil war took Queen Asartu's father, King Ordali's life, and ended a reign that started well but ended in the madness of the king. It also signified the end of the technocracy that had for the previous 17 years had ignored the magicorps and instead thrown so much effort into technology*.

After the civil war the new Queen gave her compatriots and the surviving archmagi of the court comissions in her new court, turned the country towards rebuilding the public (and delapadated) magi schools and refunding the schools. She resumed a high level of funding for the military magic academies as well, bringing the level of recruits (who had been ignored by the kings rule) three times as high as previous.

She eliminated the 'back alley' schools (although because of the former king there are some remaining in the more... eccentric schools of magical use. Because the schools have recently gone semi-public (some retaining their secrecy and mystique for their arts) the public schools have also been connected to a Job Placement programme by the office of the advisor for Education and Archmagi council. olor=lightblue)

The Papal Alliance Color: CC00CC)
The Papal Alliance is build around several astronomical tools in the Holy City of Cycle's Keep. A theocratic nation, it believes in one god, and allows no other (monotheist, monolithic). As people came from around the northern continant to the city that was quickly turning into a citadel, the warrior-priest-king of the city took advantage of his popularity to take over several of the towns closer to his seat of power (now fully included in the Papal Seat).

Fearing for their own thrones, the more local kings allied with the 'Pope' and made their way to the capital of the Holy Seat to sign a Treaty of Holy Alliance to seal their fates with the Popes. Through the next few decades (quick by the standards of the continent at the time) the Pope either forced alliances of faith (which most did not consider important enough to stand up for).

As kingdoms and fiefdom's converted the Papal armies moved forword towards the edges of the northern continent. However in the east of the northern continant several magical nations held out bravely, but eventually were taken over by the Paptists.

These refugees would flee to the southern continent and form Ifalia, the Papaists going after the Ifalians ever since.

The Resistance
The resistance on the northern continent is a rather vague name for the native resistance efforts of the eastern magic nations that were conquered soon after the Alliance's founding and the gulches and human smuggling operations that hide new mages and send them to Ifalia. Taking what they need from the more... understanding of the Alliance, common pesants who wish to rebel, and newly found mages.


Jansi's Military Forces of Engel
This is a index post, do not quote it. Each will be a link to a post lower down in the thread. I will post each section in order to get the links aligned, but only be filling out sections as I come up with appropate fluff.

Ifalian Military Forces
Forccs of Magic - the Magic diciplines
Forces of the Sky - Skynavy
Forces of the Ground - the Royal Knights and solidery
Forces of the Sea - Navy

Forces of the Papal Military
Ground Forces of the Papal Alliance
Sea Forces of the Papal Alliance
Air Forces of the Papal Alliance
The Exalted Holy Men of the Papal Alliance (Magic).
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