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This thread refers to various sapient species across the Terran Sphere which are the Product of Genetic Engineering.
(Other common names include Unions, Duals, Futanari (referring to a Hermaphrodite not of H. Hermaphrodites Futanari as such is considered a Slur in some areas) and similar)

(Homo Hermaphrodites*)

Physiology-H. Hermaphrodites are very much similar to Terran baselines in many respects, save for one major deviation from the norm, being functional Hermaphrodites. There are subspecies which differ somewhat in appearance, but the most common (H. Hermaphrodites Hermaphrodites, generally known as Common Hermaphrodites) is the most typical of them, being informally described as looking like (on average) mannish women, having a higher muscle mass and broader shoulders, but with less body hair, wide hips, breasts and facial features that normally lean towards the feminine. Some subspecies lead towards more towards the masculine and the feminine. The average lifespan for a modern Hermaphrodite is about 150-200 T years, comparable to that of a modern baseline humans and most qualities such as strength, vision, hearing, intelligence and so forth are within the same parameters as human baselines as to be irrelevant. Hermaphrodites suffer from a few diseases and medical issues (most of which can be dealt with easily enough) that baseline humans don’t and vice versa. A couple of more diverse offshoot species latter emerged.

Population-315 billion

History-In the late 2nd century AT saw the emergence of a movement of scientists, scientifically minded commoners along with various subcultures known as the Progenitists. The Progenitist movement believed that humanity should give rise to new species of sapients. While there was legal objection this movement (especially in the aftermath of the first solar war) gave rise to numerous new species of sapient life, among these being various uplifted species (Dolphins, Orcas, NeoGorillas, NeoChimps, NeoElephants and so forth) and several other species (such as Felines). There were a few objections from Religious and Baseline Supremacists, but the movement continued onward. Hermaphrodites were created by several teams spurred on by several sponsors, including couple of Pornographic studios as promotional moves. The first batch of Hermaphrodites was created in 238, with several other attempts being made over the next half century, with populations being established in Europe (Greece to be specific), the US, China, Russia, Japan and Australia. It was also perused to study how a species effectively gender neutral people would intergrate.

The first generations of Hermaphrodites were raised by scientists and volunteers before being allowed entrance into the society in rural communities. The initial populations of Hermaphrodites were in the area of 3,000 to 4,000. Some fine tuning was done with the second and third generations, including melding together various efforts which produced effectively speciated Hermaphrodite lines created new lines. The hermaphrodite species increased in number, using both natural means of reproduction and by artificial means to increase their number. There was some discrimination against them, mostly from religious groups but this did not stop the rise of the species. By 400, a population of slightly more than 13 million Hermaphrodites was well established, mostly living in ethnic enclaves on Terra and Mars and a few asteroid settlements. The population of Hermaphrodites in Sol would settle at approximately 150 million by 600 AT.

The first instance of Hermaphrodites leaving sol system was in 344, in which a population of some 500 Hermaphrodites were launched on a ship destined for New Denmark. Several other Hermaphrodite populations would be seeded as minorities, establishing enclaves of Hermaphrodites alongside baselines in 42 star systems. In fourteen cases, Hermaphrodites initiatives organized funding for their own colonization ships to lay claim to star systems. Five of them had arrived at their destination, one was destroyed due to antimatter containment failure, one has arrived in orbit of a planet colonized by settlers using hyperdrive equipped colonization fleets and seven are still en route.

With the Dawn of the FTL age, Hermaphrodite populations have spread via immigration, vastly expanding the number of planets with Hermaphrodite populations in it. Ethnic Enclaves of Hermaphrodites are common in most of the states. This has led to an increase in Anti-Hermaphrodite bigotry as cultures which were formally isolated from this new strain of humanity (as well as genetically modified types of Mankind in general) into areas where they were not present.

Hermaphrodite Culture-Like that of Humans in General, Hermaphrodite culture varies immensely from world to world. Hermaphrodites that live as enclaves in baseline majority or cosmopolitan societies (which are the majority) tend to in general integrate into the mainstream of culture; that said they do tend to make some amendments to suit themselves. Hermaphrodites tend to cluster in enclaves. As such, you will often see bars, restaurants and shops that cater to hermaphrodite communities. These tend to develop some local character have their own specific fashions and will mix and match from articles of both human Genders. Most Hermaphrodites are either atheistic or agnostic, this has to do with their origins and the fact that Abrahamidic Religions normally have discriminated against Hermaphrodites. Most Religious Hermaphrodites tend to be Buddhists, Moderate Christians, Shinto, Hindu, European Polytheist (generally Greco-Roman Pantheon) or follow their own minor faiths. Hermaphrodites face legal discrimination in a few star systems, but there are few human supremacist areas where hermaphrodites live. It is common to adopt a gender neutral pronoun for referring to Hermaphrodites (Ketsun is common in the Novan Empire).

Hermaphrodites (outside of sol) often at least a reputation for being somewhat more prudish than Baseline Humans. This has to do with the fact that a Sexual Union between two Hermaphrodites involving duel penetration (this does not happen every time, but it is fairly common) and scarcity of contraceptives among developing colonies due to prioritization of resources. This is especially true in the Novan Empire (see History of Concordica for more information). This has often changed, but the stereotype remains. Physical Relations between baselines/near baselines and Hermaphrodites are fairly common (although far from the norm even in the more sexually loose areas).

One of the more notable cultural developments is that of Hermaphrodites similarity to humans. It is possible (especially for subspecies which bear a distinct resemblance to one gender such as H. Hermaphrodites Futanari) for a Hermaphrodite to pass as Male or Female with clothing and many living will often try to pull this off at some point in their life. In some societies, it is considered a right of passage. There are subcultures in Hermaphrodite society about trying to pass as male or female. A few (and this is a fairly small percentage of the population) take this one step further and identify as male or female. A few go even further still and have themselves surgically modified into one sex. This also works the other way around as well, occasionally baseline humans will attempt to pass as Hermaphrodites or even modify themselves into functional (if not biological) Hermaphrodites. In particular this happens on Hermaphrodite Dominated Planets.

*-This scientific name is disputed by a fair percentage of the scientific community. While the conception rate is lower, it is possible without genetic enhancement for Hermaphrodites to interbreed with Baseline Humans. The rate of conception is somewhat lower than usual and has a fairly large chance of producing an infertile Hermaphrodite. There are also the convergent origins of the species.
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