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I just realized something: with the Tyxan penchant for dropping bioweapons, viruses, bio-engineered creatures, and etc onto targets, even doing things like engineering those Tyxan hybrids, what if humanity never actually saw an actual Tyxan?
I'll have to dive back into my old writings to see what I had in mind with Tyxans, but I'm up for either way. I recall I mentioned the Tyxans didn't leave their palaces.
Which may mean running into actual Tyxans by humans, even under the Gloguk and with remembering the horrors of what they did, may come as something of a shock to those humans encountering them because maybe they look so friggin attractive or something.
Yeah I was kinda veering for a haughty elf look for the Tyxans. Creepy bio-empire with beautiful folk and all.
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