A Grand Comix Clean Up.

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A Grand Comix Clean Up.

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Since Siege raised this point in the mad ideas thread. Rather confrontationally, I might add but not exactly wrong in principle. I thought it might be a good idea to have an open discussion about it. Rather than arguing in the mad ideas thread.

So a big ol' clean up of comix, what would be involved? Should Comix really be all about the stories?

The last question I ask is because I personally do not usually have stories in mind when I create a character? I generally just have one 'nifty' concept for a character say a power or gimmick that I then try to expand upon. Which incidentally is why I think the regular identities of my characters are quite weak.

And on the other things some character articles some as MiG man or Orpheus' Soldier are so in-depth and detailed with so many prose segments that they really count as an entire story anyway.
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Re: A Grand Comix Clean Up.

Post by Siege »

Just to clear up: I don't and never intended to suggest that Comix should be all about the stories to the point that everything else has to go; I do believe however that we should be focusing our efforts on producing actual tales. We've plenty character concepts as it is, let's first actually do something with those before we produce any more.
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Re: A Grand Comix Clean Up.

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Things COULD be cleaned up, but that's probably up to the individual writer himself and his discretion on whether or not certain characters are still to be kept. But, to me, they don't exactly HAVE to be cleaned up.

IMO, Comix is a big big world and it's got lots of room. Room for great guys like Baccara and Saint and Archwind and Goldsteins and so on, but also room for much smaller streetlevel guys like Big Fatso or Slinger or Morbos. It's got a nigh infinite capacity for peoples and places, though you probably won't see Fidel Castro hanging around with Baccara or Quartermass or Anthony Andrews, but it can fit all sorts of characters from all sorts of niches and walks of life.

The thing is though, and I agree with Siege on this, is that we do seem to have so much characters but so few stories. If it's all character concepts, mad ideas, and the occasional new character every few months but WITHOUT any actual stories, then what are all these characters and ideas and articles for? :(

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